3 Important App Integrations Every CRM Should Have

As a small business owner your primary goal would be to increase business revenue by expanding your customer base. One technological framework that can help in achieving this goal is an automated CRM system. It can help you organize accounts, coordinate with leads, improve sales and assist your employees in providing a great customer service. In addition, you can also personalize every interaction a customer service rep has with a customer which increases the probability of converting a prospect into a buyer.

In order to maximize the efficiency of your customer relationship management system, it is necessary that each business process is optimized in a way that any issues that arise can be addressed in the shortest amount of time and can provide value to your customers. This can be accomplished by integrating with other third party applications. There are a number of such plugins available in the market, however, the ones listed below are the must-have app integrations for a small business owner.

crm integration
CRM Email Integration: Synchronizing enterprise email accounts can be useful in keeping track of prospects, leads and customers. Any new information regarding them will be auto-updated in your database. In addition, when your email is linked, your employees can compose new emails or reply using the same software instead of going back and forth between the email client and the customer management software. This not only helps in saving the time spent on communication but also enables service reps to better address queries as all the data they need is stored in a single place.

CRM Financial App Integration: Including your financial application can further improve your business efficiency. Staff can check the account history, billing, customer communication, interact with key accounting staff and view internal discussions about finances. For instance, a service agent may need information regarding a customer refund, they can go back to the system and check whether the accounts department has processed it or not. As a small business owner, you may have also thought about joining your financial accounting application and MS Dynamics, one of the many tools available in the market. Such a merge can help keep a track of past records and yield forecasts for the future. Having all accounts and the related history in a single location reduces the time spent in searching for data and maximizes productivity.

CRM Website Integration: The final step is to make sure your website is seamlessly linked with it. Doing so can provide you many opportunities to capture more sales. For instance, if a customer is viewing your services page, in a span of a minute or two, they get a call from your sales rep with advice or suggestions. This is a great step to potentially gain more customers and increase business revenue.

Hence, connecting these business applications with a customer management software can positively impact operational effectiveness and possibly drive up profit in the long run.

Has your business benefited from joining customer relationship management system with other business apps? If yes, how? Share your views with us.


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